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David is currently in post production for an epic, ten hour adaptation for Audible which will be released next month, with two further projects for Audible heading into production this Autumn.

David is also in pre-production for a new audio drama based on a true story with Whistledown Productions.

Arabian Nights,Volume 2

Adapted By Marty Ross

After the success of David's Audible Originals multi-cast production of Arabian Nights, he was delighted to direct Volume 2, with many returning cast from Volume One. 


The production features the tale of Sinbad the Sailor, and is available to download from Audible NOW.


Once again, with sound design by Joe Richardson and music by Francesco Quadraropolo.

"So bloody good. Loved it again and again. I really hope there will be volume 3. The story line and the accents are just mesmerising."


The Darkwater Bride

By Marty Ross

David directed Audible's Halloween drama release, an original script by Marty Ross entitled 'The Darkwater Bride' - this gothic old fashioned horror story stars Jamie Glover, Adrian Scarborough, Claire Corbett, Freya Mavor and newcomer Donal Finn. David worked on this production with Joe Richardson on sound design and Francesco Quadrararuopolo's music.

It's available from Audible now.

"Beautifully done - I got so completely lost in this tale that I didn’t turn my TV on for days, I just spent my evenings lost in the world of the beautifully narrated story. A proper joy!"


The Soul-Breaker

By Sebastian Fitzek

In the summer of 2018, David worked on an audio dramatisation of bestselling German author Sebastian Fitzek's latest book, 'The Soul- Breaker', starring Rafe Spall, Adjoa Andoh and Robert Lindsay and is narrated by Robert Glenister.

You can download this thrilling audio drama directly from Audible NOW.

"Gripping from start to finish! Masterpiece. Best listen so far and I have listened to a few best selling and critically acclaimed thrillers."


Arabian Nights

Adapted by Marty Ross

David's Audible Originals multi-cast production of Arabian Nights is doing fantastically well with great listener reviews. Starring Omid Djalili, Philip Arditti, Mandana Jones and a fantastic supporting cast. The production features three of the classic 1001 stories: Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves, Julnar The Mermaid and Sheherezade - available to download from Audible NOW. With sound design by Joe Richardson and music by Francesco Quadraropolo.

"Absolutely brilliant. This is the most wonderful experience of what Audible can offer. Beautifully and professionally presented by the narrators and I will definitely be listening to it again"


Book To Audio CAMEO


David's multi-cast audio production of Agantha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express, adapted by Joseph Lidster and Michael Eaton has won the first ever Book To Audio CAMEO Award!

The adaptation was praised for providing an incredible, immersive experience to the listener.

It was produced by Jack Bowman, with sound design by Joe Richardson the production was adapted by Joe Lidster and stars Tom Conti, Sophie Okonedo, Jane Asher, Rula Lenska, Art Malik, Eddie Marsan and Paterson Joseph.

The Poetry and Prose Collection

Owen Teale & Mark Lewis

David recently produced a collection of beautifully whimsical and witty poems and tales penned by Mark Lewis and read by Owen Teale (GOT) and Mark Lewis. They are available to stream or download here.