David is known mostly for his work in audio drama, directing over 45 long-form multi cast audio productions


The Hound of the Baskervilles (Director, Producer)

Adapted by George Mann & Cavan Scott, Audible


Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel (Director/Producer)

By the Brothers McLeod, Children's Audio Book, Audible


Moby Dick (Director/Producer)

By Marty Ross, Wireless Theatre



Hell Cats (Producer)

By Carina Rodney, Dir: Kate Saxon, Wireless Theatre



Pride & Prejudice (Exec. Producer)

By Jane Austen, Dir: Nicolette Chin, Wireless Theatre



Albion: The Legend of Arthur (Producer/Director)

By Robert Valentine, Wireless Theatre Company for Audible



Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Treason & Sherlock Holmes: The Great Game Alexa Skill (Producer/Director)

By Matt Gavan, Wireless Theatre Productions for Audible



Inseparable (Director)

By Hugh Costello, Whistledown Productions


The Three Musketeers (Producer/Director)

By Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Marty Ross, Audible UK


Arabian Nights, Volume II (Producer/Director)

By Marty Ross, Audible UK


Dark Water Bride (Director)

By Marty Ross, Audible UK


The Soul Breaker (Director)

By Sebastian Fitzek, Audible UK


Arabian Nights (Director)

By Marty Ross, Audible UK



Murder On The Orient Express (Director)

By Agatha Christie/Joe Lidster, Audible UK


Treasure Island (Director)

By Robert Louis Stevenson/Marty Ross, Audio Drama, Audible UK 2017

Just One Damned Thing After Another (Producer/Director)

By Jodi Taylor/Marty Ross, Audio Drama, Audible UK 2017

Window of Opportunity (Producer/Director)

By Dermott Dolan, Audio Drama, Wireless Theatre 2017


An Enemy of The People (Producer/Director)

By Henrik Ibsen, Audio Drama, Audible UK, 2016

A Doll's House (Producer/Director)

By Henrik Ibsen, Audio Drama, Audible UK, 2016

Hedda Gabler (Producer/Director)

By Henrik Ibsen, Audio Drama, Audible UK, 2016

Romeo And Jude (Producer/Director)

By Marty Ross, Audio Drama, Audible UK, 2015

Trench Kiss (Producer/Director)

By Arthur Smith, Live Audio Drama, Pleasance King Dome, 2014

Couples Who Changed The World (Producer/Director)

8 Live Radio Drama Recordings, Pleasance King Dome , Edinburgh Festival 2014

Woman On The Bridge (Producer/Director)

Live Radio Drama, Buxton Festival, 2014

Painted Blind (Producer/Director)

Audio Drama, AudioBoom, 2014

Hamlet, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo & Juliet


Audio Drama, Wireless Theatre In Education, 2013

The Simon and Garfunkel Story (Director)

International Musical Tour, Various Theatres worldwide, 2013 - current

The Robber Bridegroom (Director)

Live Audio Drama, Roundhouse Radio, 2013

Skulk (Producer/Director)

Live Audio Drama, London Horror Festival, 2013

Redder Than Roses (Producer/Director)

Live Radio Drama, Buxton Festival, 2013

Open Spots (Producer/Director)

Live Radio Comedy, The Pleasance, London, 2011


"Wonderful reworking of Shakespeare's classic.

A brilliant modern take on Romeo and Juliet. Writing, direction, performance and editing all top class."

[Audible US Listener Reveiw for Romeo & Jude]

"The acting is superb and the sound effects visceral enough to suit this bloody and treacherous story. Just sit back, relax somewhere quiet and let Audible take you back to ancient Britain. This is worth your full attention, it's that entertaining." (Audible Listener Review, Albion)

"Wonderful performances pepper this intriguing contemporary twist on Romeo and Juliet.... The full-cast delivers Shakespeare's words and emotions as convincingly as they deliver their off-stage personae.... In the smaller, more intimate, scenes, both plot and characters come alive." (AudioFile on Romeo & Jude)

"The voice actors were outstanding, and that applies to the entire cast. Whoever cast these voice artists into their respective roles for this production did a fantastic job. Every character sounded just right and gave the play a fantastic authentic feeling. The production was brilliant, the music was fitting, and the sound effects enhanced the experience." (Goodreads.com on Romeo & Jude)

"Using a mixture of narrative and photographs projected onto the back drop of the stage, the show then follows Simon and Garfunkel’s musical and personal progression through time. With careful attention to detail, the show delicately captures the mood and style of each era."

(Derby Telegraph on S&G Story)

"The standing ovation at the end of this impressive show was a given as soon as the final note faded from the very first song." (Burnley Express on S&G Story)

"I enjoyed the full experience - so much so I couldn't stop listening until it had finished!"

(Listener Feedback, Audible)

"AMAZING. The filmic flow of the script and the direction of actors and the ensemble is flawless!" 

(Listener Feedback, Audible)

"WOW, just WOW. The actors were amazing and the sound effects were perfect.."

(Listener Feedback, Audible)

"David's attention to detail and ability to get vivid, real performances out of actors is second to none and his easy-going warm attitude makes him a pleasure to work with, even in high pressured environments." 

(Wireless Theatre)

"THIS WAS PHENOMENAL!!! I couldn't stop listening. The sound effects, character voices, and background sounds just tied it all in. I can not thank the creators enough for this most exceptional piece of work"

(Listener Feedback, MOTOE)

"I loved every minute of this from the word go... you’re thrown into the action immediately and from there on in I was a goner. This story evoked all kinds of emotions in me from pure rag... to tears of joy and despair"

(Sinfully Book Reviews on Romeo & Jude)

"...we can guarantee this version of the brave hero King Arthur is much more entertaining than that other recent big-screen reboot from Guy Ritchie." (Digital Spy on Albion)

"Brilliant! totally engrossed the whole way through and listened to this in one sitting. Loved it."

(Audible Listener Review, Inseparable)